Andres J. Washington

Fingerprint Geometric Analysis

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Walt Disney

The tremendous talent and imagination of Walt Disney was a valuable gift for all mankind.  He was indeed above and beyond the average thinker.  And he did however possess a very rare fingerprint pattern.  Walt Disney displayed a Central Pocket Loop Type Whorl pattern with a meeting tracing on his right forefinger.  Under the NCIC FPC it is classified as CM.  In 1993 the FBI conducted a study on the frequency of fingerprint patterns which included 17,951,192 males.  Among those studied only 32,999 displayed the classification of CM on the right forefinger.  This study would place Disney’s frequency for this classification of the pattern to be 0.18 %.

 In addition, the Ulnar Loop on Mr. Disney’s right thumb had a diagonal/horizontal display! 

A special note: Walt Disney holds the record for Academy Nominations at 59.  He also holds the record for Academy Awards at 26 (22 were competitive).  He received Honorary Degrees from Harvard and Yale.  


Click here to view the fingerprints of Walt Disney.  FOIPA No. 334,181 & 334,182