The Bermuda Triangle Manifestation

Copyright Andres J. Washington


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When the earth rotates on its axis, it creates a ring in space, a field of energy of 360 degrees making possible the day, as we know it. This is accomplished in 24 hours. The earth also revolves around the sun in its elliptical orbit, (Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion) a field of energy which constitutes the year as we experience it. Each source of energy is created by motion, a centrifugal force establishing our dimension of time as we know and live it. If the speed of motion were to change or to be altered, our dimension of time would change as well. The motion of rotation creates the day and the motion of revolution creates the year.


The two fields of energy which are time related, do not stand-alone; they are inter/outer related and intersect at given points creating an elliptical path. This elliptical path is another field of energy representative of time in space and on earth. The part of the ellipse that falls on earth is located in the area known as The Bermuda Triangle, an artificial dimensional force of time created by two natural elements of time, the day and the year. The product of which is a phenomenon, a centrifugal force, and a time zone of 24 years. All natural matter transcends 24 years at the instant of inception when under the gravitational forces of the triangle. When the 24th year is completed, year number one would commence again.


It can be entered at certain coordinates and can be exited if the speed of motion supersedes all the elements that have propagated its manifestation.