Andres J. Washington
Fingerprint Geometric Analysis


Ridge Dissociation


Figure "H" displays a rare and severe degree of ridge dissociation in which all ten digits are affected.  It can be noted that the entire set of fingerprints display an extreme narrowing of ridges in the center of the pattern area.  The ridge events mostly encountered in various but somewhat uniform sequencing are ridge dots, enclosures and bifurcations.  Many of the bifurcations recurve in an unconventional manner with appendages between the shoulders that extend to form other recurves.  In some cases there is also the rare event of crossing ridges that resemble the configuration of chromosomes. Chromosome  Figure "H" displays this event in a vertical formation.


Researchers have discovered ridge dissociation to occur in some individuals suffering from schizophrenia as well as physical conditions such as epilepsy, down syndrome and albinism.

Figure "H"


Ridge Dissociation