Purpose and Innovative Aspects:



The Fingerprint Diagonal Reverse Sequence Arrangement is a systematic procedure utilized in fingerprint geometric analysis.  It examines the location(s) of a given fingerprint code on a chart; a displayed sequence of designated classifications.  This arrangement exemplifies the application of the procedure.


To illustrate, I have applied this procedure to the primary classification sequence.  The result is a multi-sequential primary classification chart in which an individual code can display up to three different locations.  Each code will have a unique geometric design on the chart, a design that is triangular or linear.  Once an identifiable design for a given code has been established, an analysis of that design as well as its geometric relationship to other codes and their design can be explored.


In The Sequencing of Pattern Display,  I provide the entire list of numerical values that can be assigned to the ten digits in the primary classification.   




Andres J. Washington

Fingerprint Geometric Analysis