NCIC FPC Filing Sequence Formula

Copyright Andres J. Washington



The NCIC FPC contains 20 characters, each pair of characters represents one digit beginning with the right thumb as the No. 1 digit and ending with the left little finger as the No. 10 digit; the left thumb is then No. 6. For every consecutive pair of characters, one code can be assigned out of a possible 114 codes (from PI to XX). This means that there are actually only 10 individual segments for the NCIC FPC code, with each one maintaining a pair of the 20 characters to represent an individual code.


Let (X) equal the number of assigned to the NCIC FPC code.


Each of the ten segments with the exception of segment #1, must be assigned a decimal number which shall be added to the assigned number for the given NCIC FPC Code.


Digit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



Assigned X X.00001 X.00002 X.00003 X.00004 X.00005 X.00006 X.00007 X.00008 X.00009

This adding of the decimal number to the assigned number for the NCIC FPC code must be done in order to establish a unique numerical value to each segment of the ten-segment unit. Segment number 1, however, need not be assigned a decimal value because the other nine segments maintain an identity distinguished from it. (The reason for choosing #1 segment as the one which shall not be assigned a decimal value is because #1 segment is the only segment which can provide us with the lowest possible number in the calculation if no decimal was to be added to it.) It can be noted that in this way no two or more segments can provide the same exact number. Furthermore, no two NCIC FPC codes can provide the same filing number, even if the original code appeared in a reverse sequence.


NCIC 14 XX AA CO 04 SR 59 TT DM 10




Number 2.6 11.4 11.2 0.6 1.6 11.3 7 11.1 0.8 2.2


To The Given



Decimal 2.6 11.40001 11.20002 0.60003 1.60004 11.30005 7.00006 11.10007 0.80008 2.20009

Added To The




After the decimal number is added to the assigned number for the NCIC FPC code, multiplication takes place. That is, #1 segment times #2 segment and that product multiplied by #3 segment, and so on until #10 segment has been included in the multiplication. The end product shall provide the filing location for the given NCIC FPC code.


When there are ten segments and 114 possible codes for each segment the total number of combinations is 3.707221314118566e+20.



(2.6) X (11.40001) X (11.20002) X (0.60003) X (1.60004) X (11.30005)

X (7.00006) X (11.10007) X (0.80008) X (2.20009) = 492586.9358




In conclusion, the NCIC FPC code, 14XXAACO04SR59TTDM10

would be filed as 492586.9358 between 1.00451E-10 and 37,073,676,543.


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