Do Family Members Have Similar Fingerprints?




It is possible for family members to have similar fingerprints.  This is due to our genetic codes.  However, there are at least three variables to consider in the study of this discipline.  The first is the intensity of the inherited gene. When the genetic code of both parents is considered, the question of dominant and recessive genes (Mendel's Laws) comes into play.  In addition, a fingerprint trait or characteristic from a distant ancestor can descend to the current generation.  Fingerprints are one of the many by-products of the human evolutionary cycle.   


The second variable is the Dermal Papillae, the nerve endings located between the dermas and the epidermis (skin layers).  The papillae control the course of flow of the ridges and make solid the outer surface of the skin.  When a permanent scar on the skin or fingerprints exists, it is because the dermal papillae have been affected.


The third variable is tension and pressure to the fingers during the fetal development stage. During this stage of development, each digit or finger is within its own enclosure.  Consequently, the tension and pressure that a given digit is subject to can never be the same for another.  This is because the digits do not reside within the same location in space. 


In short, family fingerprints can be similar because of genetics but will be unique because of the variables.



Andres J. Washington

Fingerprint Geometric Analysis