Andres J. Washington

Fingerprint Geometric Analysis

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A study of the frequency of fingerprint patterns reveals an eminent fact, that the second and seventh digits (index fingers) distinctively display a greater variety of patterns.  This event is noteworthy when looking at the fingerprint record of former president Dwight David Eisenhower.  All of the digits of Eisenhower's left hand displayed the ulnar loop pattern with the exception of the index finger.  His left index fingerprint was a plain whorl pattern, a clear departure from pattern consistency.  However, this phenomenon is not the most striking example of departure because two other whorl patterns are displayed on the right hand.  They are located on the # 1 and the # 4 digits. 


President Eisenhower's most prominent departure from pattern consistency was with the right index (# 2) fingerprint.  It was a radial loop pattern and the only radial loop displayed in the ten set of fingerprints.  A study on the frequency of fingerprint patterns including 17,951,192 males concluded that 18.64951920741531% of the male population displayed the radial loop pattern on the right index.  In addition, this was a radial loop with a ridge count of 15 which makes it 1.043418175 % of the NCIC FPC for the right index.  President Eisenhower was a member of the 1% club in fingerprint classifications.



Dwight D. Eisenhower